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Cooking Lessons

Thanks to its fertile soil, sub-tropical climate and rich mix of cultures, Sicily has one of the most bountiful and eclectic cuisines in Italy. The island has been ruled by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish and French, all of whom have left their mark both on Sicily's spirit and its cuisine. To help our guests enjoy this exciting gastronomy, we have devised a few food and drink experiences.

A cooking class is also a fun way to learn about the culinary culture of the island. Our chef will teach you how to prepare traditional dishes utilizing only the freshest ingredients available. The lesson concludes with a taste of your own creations accompanied by a glass of Sicilian wine. 

Perfect for any budding chefs!

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One of our most popular events on offer is a home-cooked dinner prepared by our cook. It could be on the occasion of a birthday or an anniversary, or just for the pleasure of having a night-in with family and friends without having to think about cooking or cleaning. To make your evening even more special, we can book the quintet of the Orchestra a Plettro of Taormina, to play for you during the pre-dinner cocktails.

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wine tourS & tasting

According to legend, it was Dionysus (aka Bacchus) who brought frivolity and wine to Sicily. Traditional viticulture in Sicily does indeed date back to ancient times, but it is the last twenty years that have seen enormous changes to the island's wine culture. Sicilian wines have now become widely recognised, winning international prizes – and many of Italy’s finest wines are now being made in Sicily. 

In order to benefit from this wine revolution guests can book a wine tasting experience in the comfort of the villa, or enjoy a wine tour of the local vineyards. A visit to one of the Etna wine estates will give an excellent insight to the culture surrounding the 'nectar of the Gods'. Guests will be escorted to visit the property, learn about the production, and have the chance to taste the wines produced on the premises accompanied by a traditional lunch.

If you opt to stay at the villa, our experienced sommelier will be available exclusively to you to give a masterclass on a range of Sicilian wines. 

The event will be accompanied by food specialities paired with the different wines.

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Suggested gourmet and wine experiences 

  • Cooking classes with our chef

  • Traditional home cooked meals 

  • Etna Wine tasting tours

  • Wine masterclass with expert sommeliers  

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